The LORD is moving on our behalf #4

In continuing the message “The LORD is moving on our behalf” I want to remind you that when we see the word God in the word the original word in the Hebrew is Elohim. When we see the word LORD in all caps the original word is YAHveh. Elohim means the magnitude of God’s attributes, His majesty and all His power. Elohim in itself means that God has all this power but the fact that He has all power doesn’t mean anything to us, unless He uses His power to help us. So, God uses the word LORD or YAHveh to mean that not only does He have the power but that He is using this power for our benefit. The use of LORD or YAHveh means that He is actively working on our behalf! When you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than He is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf.

In Acts Chapter 12 the word says that Peter was in prison and was going to be killed by Herod the next day. Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains and was guarded by the keepers of the prison. This was a tough situation for Peter to be in and it would have been easy for him to give up hope. The LORD came into the prison and led him on out. This was an “impossible” situation for man, but not for the LORD. Maybe you are in a similar position but the same LORD that led Peter out can move for you today and lead you out of your situation. Herod, the one who put Peter in prison was killed by the angel of the LORD. You see, the LORD can reverse a sentence that someone put on you and put it on them. Believe that He is moving on your behalf now!

In Acts Chapter 14 Paul was in Lystra and the LORD used Paul to bring about a tremendous miracle by healing a man who was crippled. People in the area were so excited and started to worship Paul and he stopped them. On the other hand, some others came and stoned Paul, until he was dead. The LORD however raised him up and sent him to Derbe. Paul then returned to Lystra, the same place where he was stoned and ordained elders in the city and encouraged so many people, just by coming and preaching in Lystra. What boldness and courage! The LORD moved for Paul and just when Paul’s enemies figured that they saw the last of Paul, leaving him for dead, here comes Paul back to where he was stoned. The LORD had the last laugh and these people had no power against Paul to hurt him again. You may be in a similar situation where you had an apparent defeat. The LORD wants to move for you and send you back! This time you and your enemies will see your victory!

In Acts 27 Paul is on a ship as a prisoner, heading for Rome, when a great storm hits. Everybody on board gets fearful except Paul. An angel appears to him and tells him that nobody will lose their life, but they need to stay on board the ship and not try to escape. The LORD helps them to escape and they land safely on an island called Melita where the LORD uses Paul tremendously to heal many. You see, you may be in a storm physically, spiritually, emotionally or financially. The LORD is ready to move for you, just stand still and don’t try to use your own ingenuity and try to escape. God allowed you to be in this “wilderness” experience to promote you, not to allow you to be destroyed. After Paul escaped from the storm, the LORD promoted Paul by using him on the island to heal many and when he got to Rome, Paul dwelt in his own hired house teaching people. All Paul had to do was to allow the LORD to be LORD in the situation and not try to escape. Many people where promoted after a wilderness experienced: Moses was in the wilderness when the LORD chose him to lead His people out of Egypt (Exodus 3).  The Three Hebrew children were thrown into the fiery furnace, suffered no harm and were promoted afterwards (Daniel 3 verse 30). Just stand still and see your salvation!

In Exodus Chapter 40 the word says that the glory cloud of the LORD was on the Tabernacle by day and the fire of glory by night. The LORD wants to move for you showing forth His glory all around your life. Just please Him by turning your flesh over to Him and make your number one prayer request to be conformed into the image of Jesus (Romans 8 v. 29). He will then show forth His glory in your life. This same glory cloud led the people of God by day and the fire of His glory led them by night. The same LORD wants to move for you and lead you into purpose and fulfillment of destiny! Abraham had to leave his country and relatives and follow the LORD to a place he had never been. When he did, the LORD moved for him and made him a great nation, made his name great and made him to be a blessing to many (Genesis 12 verse 1-3). The LORD said that his seed would be like the dust of the earth (Genesis 13 verse16). The LORD did all this for Abraham because he moved when the LORD moved for him.

Isaac, Abraham’s son was told by the LORD to stay where he was in a famine

and not go down to Egypt (Genesis 26 verse 3)  He did as the LORD said and the LORD made him great and he became very great (verse 13, 14). Eventually, his enemies surrendered to him (verse 28). All this happened in the midst of a famine. The LORD can move on your behalf no matter what the rest of the world may be going through. Praise Him!