The LORD is moving on our behalf #3


In continuing the message ďThe LORD is moving on our behalfĒ I want to remind you that when we see the word God in the word the original word in the Hebrew is Elohim. When we see the word LORD in all caps the original word is YAHveh. Elohim means the magnitude of Godís attributes, His majesty and all His power. Elohim in itself means that God has all this power but the fact that He has all power doesnít mean anything to us, unless He uses His power to help us. So, God uses the word LORD or YAHveh to mean that not only does He have the power but that He is using this power for our benefit. The use of LORD or YAHveh means that He is actively working on our behalf! When you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than He is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf.

In Isaiah 66 verse 5 the word says that the LORD is going to appear for our joy and the people who are against us shall be ashamed! God is ready to show up and show out for us! Are you ready? All those people who said that you couldnít do it and wanted you to fail will really be ashamed when the LORD sets you up. David says in Psalm 18 v. 33 that the LORD made his feet like hinds feet and set him upon his high places. He is ready to set you up in a way that nobody could get the glory, but Him. He is ready to do what you nor anybody else can do. In verse 7 of Isaiah 66 the word says that before we travail in pain we will give birth to a blessing. The LORD even says in v 8 that He can bring forth a blessing for us in one day! God can turn something around in one day in our favor. Receive this today! He also says in v. 9 that He is not a God who will bring you to the birth of a miracle and not bring you to the point of the break through. You will give birth to your miracle. He hasnít brought you this far, not to receive.    

In Acts Chapter 2 after Jesus had ascended, the apostles were in real need of the LORD doing something spectacular for them. The one who took care of them for three years, the one who was always there for them was now gone. What are they going to do? was the thought that came to them. They obeyed what Jesus said and tarried in Jerusalem waiting to be endued with power from on high. In v. 2 the word says that ďsuddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.Ē This sound attracted people who were in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost and they came running to the Apostles. Peter preached to them and 3,000 people got saved the first day! The apostles didnít miss Jesus after they got filled with the Spirit. The LORD showed up for them and showed out. In Jerusalem where they had run away when Jesus was taken into custody, they are now standing strong. They are not running away but people are running to them. The LORD really changed things around in one day! Iím sure that the Apostles expected something to happen on the feast of Pentecost but nothing like what did happened. Again, they got filled with the Holy Spirit and 3,000 people got saved in one day.

In Acts 3 there is a man who was lame from his motherís womb at the temple. The LORD raised him up and everybody in the temple, including the priests were amazed. This was a tremendous miracle that the LORD did in giving birth to his church. This gave the church instant credibility in the eyes of all the people. He can do the same for you. You may have a ministry where not too many people know about you and the power of God in your life. But in one day the LORD can show up and show out for you. Your enemies will have to take notice of you now. You may be in obscurity like Moses was in the wilderness as recorded in Exodus Chapter 3 but the LORD knows where you are and will make people take notice of you. Moses was hiding out taking care of his father in lawís sheep but God knew exactly where he was and called him to lead His people out of Egypt into a land flowing with milk and honey. One day Moses had no hope and the next day the LORD is speaking to him out of a burning bush and then God calls him to lead His people out of captivity.

One day David was watching his fatherís sheep and the same day God sends His prophet Samuel to anoint him as king. This is recorded in 1 Samuel Chapter 16. He anoints him right in the midst of his family. His family couldnít believe that God could choose David but the LORD proved them all wrong by anointing David, right in their midst. Do you see what the LORD can do in one day? Donít give up hope! He could be ready to move for you today!

Look what the LORD did as recorded in Chapter 17- the Israelites were up against a giant by the name of Goliath and the rest of the Philistine army. Everybody in the army of Israel was afraid, including Saul, the king. But along comes David and he is bold in his faith in the LORD and tells Saul that the same LORD who delivered a lion and a bear into his hands to kill will do the same thing with Goliath (verse 37). He had a practiced faith and knew that the LORD showed up for him before and would do it again. The LORD sure did and He killed the giant through the stone that David slung (verse 50). The rest of the Philistine army was wiped out too by the army of Israel.

Remember the LORD wants to show up for you and show out. It doesnít matter how long you have been waiting for your miracle, the LORD could give you that blessing in one day!