God spoke this to me yesterday: "So many of my people who are invited to take part in this Last Great Battle are not going to show up! They are going to miss their reward from this battle. They didnít respond to my initial prompting. There is no time for many promptings, as the time is so short. There is no second chance. There is no time for a Gideon fleece. I will just give their battle stations to someone else. This great battle is about to be waged in the supernatural and I am going to win with those who show up. I will use my Prophets to call many to their individual battle stations, but sadly they wonít all heed my call to battle. The anointing and other resources that I would have given to them will be distributed to the ones who show up! Only I can draw my people, but it is the responsibility of my Prophets to speak what I tell them. There is a sound of a small still voice calling my people to this Final Battle. Some are choosing to ignore this call. This same still voice calling my people to this Final Battle is just a prelude to the sound of the First and Last Trump of the Rapture. Get to know my voice so you donít miss your assignment and cause me to give your assignment to someone else. You will miss all the spoils from this battle that I have intended for you. Allow me to position or reposition you for this Battle. All the events of your life have helped to train you for this battle. Remember the Battle is mine, just show up."

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