The LORD is Moving on our Behalf #2

In continuing the message “The LORD is moving on our behalf” I want to remind you that when we see the word God in the word the original word in the Hebrew is Elohim. When we see the word LORD in all caps the original word is YAHveh. Elohim means the magnitude of God’s attributes, His majesty and all His power. Elohim in itself means that God has all this power but the fact that He has all power doesn’t mean anything to us, unless He uses His power to help us. So, God uses the word LORD or YAHveh to mean that not only does He have the power but that He is using this power for our benefit. The use of LORD or YAHveh means that He is actively working on our behalf! When you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than He is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf.

Let’s look at the word for more examples of the use of LORD or YAHveh to mean that He is actively moving on our behalf: In Psalm 3:8 David says that he can ”lay down in peace and sleep because the LORD only makes him dwell in safety.” David was a warrior and most of the time there was a battle around him. Even so, he had no problem sleeping because of the LORD's protection. That same promise is extended to you today. Fear may try to come on you as you lay down to sleep but turn this fear over to the LORD and know that He will protect and give you peace. He is available to show forth His power as YAHveh or LORD and He is only a prayer away.

In Psalm 8: 8 David asks the LORD to lead him in righteousness because of his enemies. We need the LORD to move for us in this area as the devil may be using our enemies to get us off the LORD’s course. It could be so critical for some people to be led in a correct way. Some of Satan’s two legged devils could be ready to pounce on the first wrong turn. 

In verse 12 David says that with favor the LORD will bless him as a shield. This shield of favor can prevent failure as the LORD could move on anybody to bless us, even the most hardened sinner! Allow the LORD to go ahead of you and use the person that you least expect to bless you!

In Psalm 9:4 David says that the LORD maintains his right and cause. If there is money owed you the LORD will make sure that you get it back. If the devil is trying to hold an inheritance or a life insurance settlement check from you put your faith in the LORD into action and watch Him move on your behalf. He is the LORD of justice. If you are in the right then He will move as LORD on your behalf, no matter who is trying to hold on to something that belongs to you! No person or organization can fight against the LORD when He is moving on your behalf to recover that which is being held up. He is relentless and will exert pressure on the people involved to release what is yours. Please receive this promise today. Remember everybody and everything was created by and for Him and by Him all things consist. Colossians 1:16, 17. Everybody reports to the LORD, even Satan. Satan was created by the LORD for His own purpose. Satan is not a god. He reports to the same boss that we have-the LORD. Satan does not want you to realize this. He wants you to think that he is sovereign and can do anything that he wants. The fact that Satan reports to and is controlled by the LORD is brought out in the book of Job: in Job 1:7, 8 there is a picture of Satan reporting to the LORD for his assignment and the LORD gives him Job as an assignment. He says “have you considered my servant Job?” He allowed Satan to afflict Job with the end result being that Job got back double of what he had after he came through the trial. (Job 42:12.) 

In Psalm 9:20, David asks the LORD to put fear into the nations that were coming against him. David knew the power of the LORD when he said all the nations are mere men. The LORD can bring judgment on whole nations at once, as He is doing with the current economic crisis. The entire world is suffering for the economic instability. (Thank the LORD however that we are in Him and not in any kind of instability!)  You see it doesn’t matter who or how many are lined up against you. If you are outnumbered the LORD by your side more than makes up the difference. This is brought out even further by David when he writes in Psalm 16:8 that the LORD is at his right hand and as a result he shall not be moved. He was not moved even if he was surrounded by the enemy. Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 was surrounded by the enemy and fear came on him, but he turned to the LORD. He praised the LORD as recorded in verse 6 and 7 when he said that nobody can withstand His power and how the LORD drove out the enemies of his people before. The LORD answered his prayer and told him that the battle was the LORD’s (verse15). As Jehoshaphat sends his praise and worship leaders our first into the battle the LORD set up ambushments against the enemy and they killed each other (verses 22, 23). The Lord can show up in your battle today and win for you!

Remember as I mentioned earlier, when you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than He is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf.