The LORD is Moving on Our Behalf!

                             When we see the word God in the word the original word in the Hebrew is Elohim. When we see the word LORD in all caps the original word is YAHveh. Elohim means the magnitude of God’ attributes, His majesty and all His power. Elohim in itself means that God has all this power but the fact that He has all power doesn’t mean anything to us, unless He uses His power to help us. So, God uses the word LORD or YAHveh to mean that not only does He have the power but that He is using this power for our benefit. The use of LORD or YAHveh means that He is actively working on our behalf! When you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than HE is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf. One of the first times that the word LORD is used is in Genesis 2 v. 7 where the word says that the LORD God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. The use of the word LORD shows that God wants to actively get involved with His creation and uses His power on their behalf. In reading the word, when you see the use of the word LORD you need to get excited. You need to realize that He can move the same for you, if He is your LORD and Saviour.

An example of this is in Exodus Chapter 14; in v. 1 the word says that the LORD led His people into the wilderness near the Red Sea in Baalzephon or the Devil’s territory. He led them there because He was going to do a great miracle on their behalf and receive all the glory among the heathen. Sometimes you may be in a situation and it seems like the devil is all around but God led you there to show forth His glory on your behalf. God controls everything and everybody (Col. 1 v. 16, 17, and 18). The word says in v. 13 that Moses told his people that they need to fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD. The word salvation means completeness, or wholeness. He used His name LORD to signify that He was ready to move on the behalf of His people. This is also shown in v. 14 also where Moses says that the LORD shall fight for you… The LORD lived up to His name when in v. 21 the word says that the LORD caused the wind to blow and opened the Red Sea for His people. You see the LORD moved for His people when their backs were up against the wall. He’ll do the same for you. In Exodus 15 v. 6 after He opened the Red Sea and closed it on their enemies the word says that His right hand is become glorious in power: that His right hand had dashed in pieces the enemy. This is showing again that the use of the Name LORD means He is working for you in all facets of your life. 

In Numbers 14 v. 9 Joshua and Caleb told the people not to fear the giants in the new land because the LORD is with them. You see they knew that their God was LORD, had all power and was on their side. Do you realize this today in whatever you may be going through?

In I Samuel 14 v. 6 Jonathan told his amour bearer that the LORD could save His people whether it was just by the two of them or many. The two of them approached the enemy and the LORD sure did save His people as He caused a fear among the enemy and they killed each other (v. 20). 

In 1 Samuel 17 v. 45 David told Goliath that he was coming against him in the Name of the LORD. David realized that the Name of the LORD had all power and that He was on their side. The LORD sure enough took care of Goliath!

In 2 Chronicles 14 v. 11 when a million Ethiopians came against His people (v. 9) Asa prayed unto the LORD. He called on His name LORD and prayed such a great prayer by saying that the LORD can save by using many or few and would not let man prevail against His people. Once He called on the Name of the LORD the battle was over. Do the same thing today and call upon the Name of your LORD and let Him fight for you!

In Psalm 1 v. 2 and 3 the word says that when we delight and meditate in His commandments that we are like trees by the rivers of water, bringing forth our fruit in our season; our leafs shall not wither; and whatever we do will prosper. The LORD becomes so active in our lives when we delight in Him and mediate on His commandments. We can’t miss – whatever we do will prosper! The word says also in Psalm 2 v. 8 that when the LORD is actively working in our lives that we can ask Him to give us the heathen for an inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for our possession! Do you realize that when the LORD is actively working in your life that the very people that are coming against you on your job can now be working for you not just with you. The LORD can really turn things around, sometimes even in one day

In Psalm 3 David talks about how when he was fleeing from Absalom that the LORD was a shield for him, the glory and lifter of his head. He also mentioned that he was able to sleep in peace because the LORD sustained him. He also said that he wasn’t afraid if ten thousands of people had gathered against him as the LORD has smitten all his enemies in the past upon their cheek bone and broke their teeth. We need this practiced faith that David had; that if the LORD delivered him before than He will do it again. This is why he told Saul that the same God that delivered him of the lion and bear that attacked his sheep would surely deliver Goliath into his hand (1 Samuel 17 v. 37).

The same LORD that delivered you in the past is bigger than anything that could come against you! Just call on His Name – YAHveh.

Remember as I mentioned earlier, when you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than He is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf.

Again, please read the word and realize wherever you see the word LORD He is working for someone and that someone could be you!