God is "Terrible" (A Terror To our Enemies)


God is a “terrible.” The term “terrible” means that He is nobody to fool around with. He is a “terror” to our enemies. In Psalm 47 v. 2 the word says that the Lord Most High is “terrible;” He is a great King over all the earth. In v. 3, 8 the word says that He can subdue nations and that He reigns over the heathen. When God is on your side nobody can successfully come against you. In this time of uncertainty for many people we can rest in the knowledge that God controls everything and everybody. He has us in the palm of His hand and nobody can pluck us out of His hand. Praise Him! In Psalm 68 v. 1 the word says that when God arises our enemies are scattered. In v. 2 the word says that the wicked perish at the presence of God like wax melts before the fire and as smoke is driven away! In v. 7, 8 the word says that when God marches in front of us even in a wilderness the earth shakes. This is why we need to let Him go before us and not to venture out ahead of Him. Also, we somehow think that a wilderness experience where you feel all alone is a bad experience from the enemy, but no! A wilderness experience always precedes a promotion. Look at Moses in Exodus Chapter 3: He was hiding in the wilderness watching sheep when God appears to him out of a burning bush. A wilderness experience is God trying to get you back into total dependence on Him, for the promotion up ahead. With the three Hebrew children going “through” the fiery furnace and Daniel going “through” the lions den, they were promoted right after these events (Daniel Chapter 3 and 6). 

In Isaiah Chapter 40 in v. 12 the word says that God took a drop of water and weighed all the water that He wanted to be on the earth with this one drop. He also took a piece of dirt and measured all the dirt He wanted to be on the mountains with this one piece of dirt. Wow! He is “bad.” Can He not control your life?

In Isaiah Chapter 35 the word talks about the Lord talking to His people right before they were going to be attacked by the enemy. He said that they would blossom abundantly and not to fear. Also, He said waters will break out in the wilderness experience that they would be going through and that they would obtain joy and gladness after the attack was over (v. 1, 6, and 10). He was able to tell them this because He said in v. 4 that He would come with vengeance and save them. This is our God, a Mighty God, one who is “bad” and a Revenger for us on our enemies! Even when the enemy had surrounded His people and was trying to scare them with threats God told His people not to worry that He would send a blast on the enemy king and that he would return home (37 v. 7). He really carried out His promise as He sent “one” angel who killed 285,000 of the enemy and the king returned home where he was killed (v. 36-38). This was the blast that God was talking about!

In 1 Kings Chapter 18 the word declares that Elijah challenged the 450 false prophets to a match between his God and their “god.” The God who answered by fire to burn up a sacrifice would prove to be the true and only God. All of Israel was watching and after a long time of the false prophets calling on their god to no avail, Elijah called on his God and his God answered by fire and not only burnt up the sacrifice but dried up the water that was dumped on the sacrifice and burnt up the stones around the altar (v. 19-39). All of Israel then believed in Elijah’s God. Elijah then killed all the false prophets. You see Elijah’s God is our God and a Mighty God who is all for us and on our side!

In 2 Chronicles 14 v. 9 the word says that 1,000,000 men came against God’s people and He destroyed them all (v. 12).  Right before this Asa, the king had prayed a powerful prayer where He said that God could help them whether they had few men or many. We need to realize this today too. You may only have a few in your ministry but God can protect you, use you powerfully and multiply your efforts to reach many people. The same anointing that Jesus put on the loaves and fishes to multiply can come on you! He doesn’t need many people to spread His word around.

Look in Exodus Chapter 14; where God said to His people that He moved on Pharaoh and his army to come against His people at the Red Sea (v. 4). He knew that He would get the glory. He told Moses to tell the people to fear not, stand still and see their salvation (v.13). You need to do the same thing today if you are in a “mess” and feel surrounded by the enemy. Don’t be afraid, stand still and know that He is God. Not only is He God but He is “your God.” He is a God that is very jealous and protective over you. Just stick close to Him, turn your flesh over to Him and ask Him to conform you to the image of Jesus (Romans 8 v. 13, 29). When you do this you fall under His complete protection! Again, He is “terrible” to your enemies. A word of warning however, if you keep giving into the flesh and don’t want to repent and be set free, He can become your enemy and can be “terrible” in His dealing with you!