The Power of the Blessing!

Our God is a blessing God! In Genesis Chapter 1 v. 28 God blessed man after He created Him. What He blessed them to do was to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air and over everything that moved on the earth. When God blesses, things happen in our lives. In Genesis 12, v. 1-3 God blessed Abraham to make him a great nation, make his name to be great, for him to be a blessing to others, those that bless him will be blessed, those that curse him will be cursed and that in him all the families of the earth shall be blessed. In Chapter 22 v. 17, 18 God blessed Abraham again in saying that his seed would be as the sand of the sea shore and that his seed would possess the gate of his enemies. He then carried forth this blessing onto Abraham’s son Isaac in Genesis 26 v. 3-5, and then carried the same blessing onto Isaac’s son Jacob in chapter 28 v. 12-15. Look how God blessed the “least likely” in Genesis 48 v. 13-20 when Jacob blessed the younger son of Joseph (Ephraim) instead of the older Manasseh. God can bless you today as the least likely as you read this. 

Look how God blessed Joseph while he was in prison by promoting him to be second in command in Egypt. Look how God blessed Esther to be Queen in a foreign country. Read the blessings that are ours in Deut. 28 v. 1-14 if we obey God’s commandments.

In the gospel of Luke Chapter 24 v. 50, 51 the word shows Jesus blessing His apostles as he was ascending in the air. What is recorded in the book of Acts is the result of the blessing that Jesus bestowed and if you are turning your flesh over to the Holy Spirit and want to conform to the image of Jesus than these blessings are for you also. In Acts Chapter 2 v. 1 the word says that the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and God wants to fill every aspect of you life too! He wants to cover you just like the tongues of fire covered the head of the apostles as recorded in v. 3. In v. 6 as a result of Jesus’ blessing, people from all around Jerusalem came running to the apostles after hearing the “sound” from heaven. God wants to speak into your life to attract many to your ministry! On the first day 3,000 people got saved and on the second day 5,000 got saved. This is all the result of Jesus’ blessing. In Chapter 3 there was a man who was lame from his mother’s womb who was healed through the ministry of Peter and John. He never knew how to walk but when the power of God touched him he instantly leaped and walked (v. 7). God wants to do these creative miracles in your ministry too!

In Acts Chapter 4 v. 29-31 God demonstrated His power in the apostles lives by shaking the place where they had gathered and re-filled them with His Holy Spirit.  In Chapter 5 v. 12-16 God confirmed that His apostles were of Him by healing all that came to them and the least of the miracles was that people got healed by passing under the shadow of Peter!

In Chapter 5 v. 23 when the apostles were put in prison Jesus led them right out without even opening the prison doors. He can bless you by leading you out from any “prison” you might be in today. In v. 29 the word says that Jesus blessed them with more boldness. He is blessing you also the same way today.

In Chapter 6 the word says that God blessed Stephen so much that even while he was waiting on tables people got healed. He wants to use you the same way even on your job. Stephen got used so much while waiting on tables that he was arrested and stoned to death.

In Chapter 8 v. 5-8 God used Phillip so much that the while city of Samaria was filled with joy. In v. 26-40 God blessed Phillip so much that he went to the desert and he met a wealthy man who was the treasurer for Candice the Queen of Ethiopia. Phillip led him to Jesus and I know that the man blessed Phillip financially. God wants to do the same for you today, even though you may be in a desert or a wilderness experience. He wants to lead wealthy people to bless you for your ministry.

In Chapter 10 God called Peter to Cornelius house and the whole family got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost as Peter was preaching. God wants to bless you with the same anointing today to get whole families saved at one time.

In Chapter 14 the word records that at Lystra Paul was stoned and left for dead. After Paul was stoned he went to another town and then went right back to Lystra. He went right back to where there was an apparent defeat and won a victory as many of the believers were strengthened and he ordained elders (v. 19-23). God wants to bless you with a victory in a place where you had an apparent defeat!

In Chapter 23 in v. 12-24 there was a plot by forty people to kill Paul and he was warned by his nephew. God used the soldiers that held him in captivity to escort him to Caesarea in safety. God can rescue you today and even use sinners to help you escape.

God even used Paul’s enemies to get him to Rome where he reached many in Caesar’s household (Acts 27 -28). God blessed Paul and delivered him safely from a great storm at seas while he was being held captive and on the way to Rome. After God rescued him from the storm and put him on an island named Melita before he got to Rome, God really used him to do many miracles of healings on the island!

These are just some of the results of the blessing that Jesus put on His apostles and I pray these on your life today.

Remember, God is  a blessing God and wants to bless you exceedingly beyond what you can imagine, if you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit for correction and allow Him to conform you into the image of Jesus( Romans 8 v. 13, 29).