The Father is Making Room for Us!

In this season God spoke to my heart to tell the people that He has chosen to be His remnant that He is moving enemies out of the way and making room for them!  God has seen that we just came out of a wilderness experience where it was just us and God. We held on to Him during that time and He is now ready to promote! In Exodus Chapter 3 Moses was in the backside of the desert when God spoke to him out of a burning bush. What God spoke to Moses as recorded in v. 7 and 8  is what He is saying to us today: that He  has heard the cry of His people, seen their affliction and will bring them out of their land into a good land that is flowing with milk and honey! He said in v. 8 that we will take the possessions of our enemies. Later on as recorded in Exodus Chapter 14 the Egyptians tried to come after them at the Red Sea and take them back to Egypt. God opened the Red Sea for His people and closed it on their enemies. God made a way for them. God is making a way for us!

As recorded in Genesis Chapter 26, every time that Isaac would dig up a well that his father Abraham had originally dug, the enemy would come and stop it up. This went on for a while until God said “no more.” They came to a place that they called Rehoboth after they dug a well that the enemies could not dig up. God forbade the enemy to interfere. “Rehoboth” means that God had made room for them. You see God removed anything and anybody from interfering with what He was going to give His people. He wants to do the same for you!  The enemy was so afraid after seeing that God stopped them from coming against Isaac that they came to sign a peace treaty with him. God is making room for us!

In the story of Esther, Mordecai, her uncle had to encourage her to “audition” for Queen despite all the others who were “trying out.” She probably had a lot of enemies among the other ladies who were trying out, especially after she “caught the king’s eye” but God made room for her. He moved the others out of the way and the king only had eyes for Esther! This is amazing since she was a foreigner. Anybody who wanted to stop her from becoming queen could not do so as God had a plan for her and that plan was for her to become queen. She was chosen by God to stand in the gap for her people against wicked Haman.

In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat was surrounded by the enemy and greatly outnumbered. But God moved all his enemies out of the way for Him and all he had to do was pick up the spoils that the enemy left behind (v. 22, 23, and 25). In v. 27 the word says that Jehoshaphat and his troops returned to Jerusalem with joy as God made them to rejoice over their enemies. In v. 29 the word says that the enemies of Jehoshaphat were all in fear because the Lord fought against the enemies of Israel. The Lord is fighting for us too!

In Deuteronomy 6 v. 10, 11 God said that H e wanted to give His people great cities which they never built, houses, wells and vineyards which wasn’t theirs and that He would cast out the enemies who were occupying their inheritance (v. 19). He also stressed the fact that He was going to drive out all their enemies in chapter 7 v. 1 and 2 even though they were greater and mightier than them. The only thing that He asked them to do was not to have covenants with them nor intermarry (v. 2-4). God is demanding the same thing of us: when He gives us the wealth of the sinners we can’t adapt to their lifestyle. We are in the world but not of the world. The word says in v. 6 that His people were a holy people unto Himself and this is why He drove out and displaced their enemies. Just draw closer to Jesus today, turn your flesh over to Him and make your number one prayer to be to conform to the image of Jesus. When you do this He’ll move your enemies out of your way and give you their possessions. In Chapter 8 v. 7 – 9, the word says that the Lord would bring them into a land where they would have no scarceness. The only thing He asked is that they realize that He did it for them and that they could never do it themselves (v. 17 and 18). The same thing is true for us today as His remnant: God wants to move our enemies out of our way, make room for us, promote us and use us to bring more people into His family. We have to give all the glory to the Lord.

In 2 Kings Chapter 7 there was a famine in Samaria as the enemy had them surrounded. God spoke a word through the man of God (Elijah) that the famine would be over within twenty-four hours. God then moved on four lepers to surrender to the enemy on a hope that they might make them slaves and they would not die of hunger (v. 3-4). As these four lepers moved towards the enemy the Lord made their footsteps sound like an army was coming against them (v.6). God knows how to put fear into our enemies. The enemy got so scared that they ran and left all their food and possessions (v. 6-7). The four lepers went back and told the people in Samaria what happened and the famine was over (v. 8). God moved the enemies out of the way of His people and gave them their possessions! Your famine is over too! Allow God to be God, go before you and win for you. Just remember when He moves your enemies out of the way, that He did it for you, that you could never do it alone and continue to allow Him to conform you into the image of Jesus! He wants to position you where He ordained for you to be before the foundation of the world and this is the season to do so.