This is Still a Season of Blessing!

                  Many Christians look at the economy today and doubt that God can still bless them. God said that He would supply all of our needs period. He didnít say that He would do this only if the Stock Market closed a certain amount of points ahead or if the inflation rate stayed at a certain level. God can bless you even if no one around is getting blessed! Do you realize that God blessed Isaac in the middle of a famine? Letís read in Genesis Chapter 26:  In v. 1 the word says that there was a famine in the land and Isaac wanted to go down to Gerar where the Philistines were. God told him to stay where he was. In this time of uncertainty in the United States so many people just want to escape; ďif I can go to another state it will be different there.Ē God is saying to many of you Ė ďJust stand still and see your salvation.Ē ďBe still and know that I am God.Ē There is too much running to and fro! God told Isaac in v. 3 that if he stayed where he was that He would bless him. In v. 4 God mentioned that He would multiply Isaacís seed. God is speaking multiplication right in the midst of a famine. This is how He speaks to His people and this is the way we should speak! It is easy to call those things that are the way they are. We need to call those things that are not as though they are (Rom. 4 v. 17). We should not deny the circumstances but defy the circumstances! Most of the world is looking at the current conditions in fear because they donít know our God Ė Jesus!

Here in Genesis 26 v. 12 the word says that Isaac sowed in the land (in the midst of a famine) and in the same year he received a hundred fold return because the Lord blessed him. In v. 13 the word says that he waxed great and went forward until he became very great! He had so many possessions that the enemy envied. Donít you think that people could be envious of you during this time of uncertainty? Could he not bless you when nobody around you is being blessed? Didnít the Lord keep His people in Egypt from most of the plagues that He rained on the Egyptians, especially when the whole land was in darkness and there was still light in Goshen? The word says in v. 15 Ė 21 that the enemy was so envious of Isaac that every well that he dug for water they stopped it up. But, as the word says in v. 22 the plan of the enemy to stop up Isaac's wells ceased. God put a stop to it! The enemy could go no further! Isaac named the well Rehoboth meaning that Lord made room for them. He wants to make room for you and bless you during this time of uncertainty that the world is going through. Isaac thanked the Lord and built an altar to Him. The enemy saw that God was with Isaac when they saw that they were restrained by God from trying to stop this new well. As a result, they came with a peace treaty to Isaac. In v. 32 the word says that Isaac found water in this well! You can find blessing form God during this season, just dig into His word and push into His presence.  

During this season God wants to bless you with houses you never built, land you never paid for, etc. (Deut. 6 v. 11) The word says that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. There are so many sinners that have made their stock portfolio, their real estate holdings, their investments their gods. These were their idols. Did you ever think that God is taking away buildings, land and houses from them because they canít afford them any more and giving them to you? In Psalm 75 v. 6 the word says that when God promotes He puts down one and raises up another! For you to be promoted someone has to come down. Didnít Esther take Vasthi place as queen? Didnít David take Saulís place as King?  There are some Christians that are suffering through this period of time and I feel bad for them but if they will turn over their flesh to the Holy Spirit for Him to conform them into the image of Jesus then things will change!  There is nobody that can stop you from your blessings when your number one prayer is for God to conform you into the image of Jesus! If you refuse to repent and are not willing to allow the Holy Spirit to change you, the current conditions in the world will eat you up. God is not going to bless you in the natural until He has complete access to your spirit man. He is not going to bless you where your character canít sustain you!

In 1 Kings 17 the word says that in the middle of another famine God took care of His prophet Elijah by sending him to a brook and having ravens feed him. When the brook dried up He sent him to a widow lady and God multiplied their food to last throughout the famine. When you are about your Fatherís business, especially during this time of uncertainty, He is obligated to take care of you. You canít just sit at home and ďhang onĒ till the Rapture and expect God to bless you! Again, you have to be about your Fatherís business.

Just remember however, when God blesses no only now but in the future that you can never think that by your hand you have been blessed (Deut. 8 v. 17) In Deut. 8 v. 18 the word says that it is God who gives us the power to get wealth to establish His covenant throughout the earth. He wants to bless you during this crisis that the world is in and show what He can do with one person who obeys Him. How much favor He can pour out on those who obey Him! Donít be fooled by the times we are now in! God can still bless you and you will never feel any crisis!  Just intercede for the people that are going through this crisis and pray they get closer to Jesus.