It’s Time to Receive the Spoils of Victory!

If you have repented of your sins, allowing the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of your flesh and allowing Him to conform you into the image of Jesus than it is time for you to receive the “spoils” of victory. When you have done what I have just mentioned you are turning the battle of your flesh to the Holy Spirit and victory is at hand. The devil has no opening into your life when your flesh is in the hands of the Holy Spirit. The only access that Satan has is through the door of the flesh. Again, this is the time to start receiving “spoils.” “Spoils” are blessings that are not yours, were not intended to be yours, belonged to someone else, but God in His infinite wisdom and power decides to give them to you. An example of this is in 2 Chronicles Chapter 20: Here Jehoshaphat was surrounded by the enemy and out numbered. He got his eyes onto God (v. 12) and God told him that the battle was now His (v. 15). All he had to do was show up the next day. Sometimes all you have to do is show up where God directs, with no prescribed plan of your own and watch God move! Jehoshaphat did and God told him to send out his praise and worship people first singing: “Praise ye the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever.” (v. 21) God then set up ambushments for the enemy and they started killing each other (v. 21, 22). All Jehoshaphat had to do next after God finished with his enemy was to pick up their “spoils.” It was so much that it took 3 days to gather it all. Remember, the spoils didn’t belong to Jehoshaphat originally, the enemy when they were alive surely didn’t want Jehoshaphat to have them and all this didn’t stop God from giving them to Jehoshaphat. The same is true for you today. Get ready to receive!

In Deuteronomy 6 v. 10, God told His people before He brought them into the “Promised Land” that He was going to give them great and goodly cities which they never built, wells that they never digged and vineyard and olives trees which they never planted. He was going to give them “spoils” of victory. However, He told them not to forget Him, the One who gave the blessings to them, fear and serve Him and not to go after other gods to serve them. God is saying the same thing to you! It was impossible for any human to help them and this is the same with you. Only God can give you something that the world says you can’t have. “Spoils” are not something that you even deserve. You can’t get victory over the flesh without God doing it. Paul said in Romans Chapter 7 that he can’t do the things that he wants to do and can’t stop doing the things he doesn’t want to do (v.15). He also said that sin is waging a war in his body and mind. (v.23) He said only Jesus could help him (v. 25).You have to have this same attitude and when you turn the battle over to the Holy Spirit you will have victory!

In Deuteronomy 6 v. 23 the Lord said that He had to bring His people out of where they were to get them into a new place. In order to receive these “spoils” you might have to leave some people, places and circumstances. Be prepared! This walk we have with Jesus is a courtship; we are "engaged" to Him and need to get closer to Him and preserve this relationship, in order to marry Him. There is no room for other “gods.”

The Lord said in Chap. 7 v. 8 that the He is doing this for you because He loves you. As a result He said in v. 18-26 that He will send the “hornet” among your enemies until they be destroyed, he will drive them out “little” by “little,” lest His people get raised up in pride and that He will deliver their kings into their hands. He was so powerful on their behalf and He will do the same for you.

He also said in v. 26 that they should not bring any abomination into their house. We have to be very careful in this “last days” time period of ”indirect contamination.” What I mean by this is that; you may have a friend that is following Jesus with all his heart, but he has a fiend who is giving place to the devil and allowing some demonic things into his life. Your friend is hanging around with this friend and could pick up some demonic activity in his own life. You have to be careful of your relationship with your friend that this demonic activity of his friend doesn’t spread to you. It is like “second hand smoke” – you may not smoke but your clothes smell like smoke because you were around somebody who does. If another person was around you both, he or she would come to the opinion that both of you smoke, because of the smell of smoke. God is saying to be careful of this “indirect abomination.”

In Chap. 8  v. 6-9 the Lord describes the “spoils” that He will give them such as: a land of brooks of water, of fountains, a land of wheat, barley and where there is no scarceness of bread. He wants to bring you to a point where there is no scarceness of “spoils.” He wants to bring you to a point where there is a continual flow of “spoils” from people who started off serving Him but have rebelled and turned their backs against Him.

As I close this message, please go over it again and meditate on it: especially about turning the flesh over to the Holy Spirit. Speak scriptures into your life from the epistles of Paul (Romans to Hebrews) to help conform you into the image of Jesus. Doing this is like taking a “spiritual shower.”

There is however one scripture that summarizes a good deal of our responsibility after getting the “spoils” – In v. 18 the Lord says that to remember that it is He that gives us the power to obtain wealth in order to establish His covenant with us in the earth!