Change Is Coming!

This is the beginning of the eight month of the year according to God's calendar (please see my Biblical Calendar page) The eight month runs from Oct. 8 - Nov. 7. We need to get ready for change and a new beginning. It all starts with turning your flesh over to the Holy Spirit and desire to conform to the image of Yahshua (Jesus).  There have been a lot of messages about "Change", but in this one I want to let you know what God wants to change! In the book of Exodus 3, God talked to Moses out of the burning bush and told him that He had heard the cries of His people in bondage (v.8). Maybe you need to know that He has heard your cry for change and my prayer is that He will use this message to bring it about. In this narrative of Moses in the wilderness, God revealed that He was now going to take them out of where they were to where He intended them to be all along, a land flowing with milk and honey. He said that He was also going to give them the lands of their enemies (v.8). This is His promise to you today i.e. He wants to bring change into your life to bring you where you need to be, from where you are right now. It doesnít matter how off track you are, He wants to bring you to where He intended you to be before the foundation of the world. As I mentioned in the previous message about Godís positioning (#2), He wants to make it seem that all of our mistakes were part of His plan. In Exodus 4 v. 2-4, Moses rod became a serpent and then changed back into a rod again. God is using this to let you know that He can bring us to where He intended us to be, no matter how far we are off line. He doesnít just want to change us for change sake. He is the ultimate Navigator; He wants to position us where He intends us to be. He put up with all our wanderings and now, since the time is short, He wants to position on His front lines at our own individual battle stations. This is the spiritual Battle of All Battles. You should feel His tender hand positioning you spiritually and even physically where He wants you to be. As I mentioned in the previous message, He will close doors in our lives that nobody can open and open doors that no body can close! You will find that there will be no other way to go but through the door that He opens! He demonstrated this as recorded in Exodus 14. His people had no way to go but through the Red Sea! He engineered this change that He promised Moses in the wilderness and none of their enemies could stop or hinder them. When God wants to position His people who can withstand Him?

In Judges 3, Godís people were in bondage to their enemy because they were disobedient to God. They repented and God heard their cries. He sent someone by the name of Ehud to bring change. Ehud was a man who was left-handed (v. 15). He went into the enemy king with a dagger tied to his right thigh. The enemy didnít check him there because he was left-handed. He had a surprise foe the enemy king and when he got him alone he killed him. God has a surprise for you to bring you out of bondage and out of position into your rightful place! Just believe Him today and this change process could start today. He has surprises for you to confound your enemies! Again, He wants to position you where He intended all along for you to be, at your own individual battle station.

In 2 Kings 4, a Shunammite lady and her husband took care of Elisha when he came to their town. They could not have a child and he prayed for them and they did have a boy. The boy died and they laid him on Elishaís bed and went to look for him. In v. 34, it is recorded that Elisha put his mouth upon his mouth , his eyes upon his eyes, his hands upon his hands and stretched himself upon the boy and God raised him from the dead(v. 35). This is a prime example of how God can bring change right back to the original. It didnít matter how long the child was dead, time doesnít stop God. It doesnít matter how long your life has been away from Godís plans, He wants to make adjustments and bring you back to His original plan for your life. It is so obvious that God controls everything and everybody. He gets the glory by changing a life that is all messed up and make it beautiful. He did it with me and wants to do it for you. Isaiah talks about how God is the ultimate carpenter by fixing up peopleís lives in chapter 58. In v. 12, Isaiah said that God builds the old waste places: raise up the foundations of many generations: Ö.the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in." Just like a carpenter can take an old piece of furniture and refinish it and make it like brand new, so can God! He can refinish our lives and restore us back to the original. Again, He is the ultimate carpenter. Jesus demonstrated this in John Chapter 11. He waited four days after Lazarus died and then raised him from the dead. Again, how long one has been "messed up" does not matter with God. Time means nothing to Him! He demonstrated this again in raising Jairusí daughter from the dead, as recorded in Matthew Chapter 9 v. 25. People mocked Jesus when He said that the girl was only sleeping. Maybe people have been mocking you because you are believing God to straighten out the mess in your life that has been going on for years. Maybe this message has helped you believe that God has all power and that nothing is impossible to Him!

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